Music to your ears, and ours.


We believe that all children should have access to music tuition within school. At Pelican Music, we do this by providing schools with a department of highly qualified staff, all with a history of professional playing as well as teaching. As well as individual instrumental tuition, we also run a wide range of ensembles both in and out of school hours, including choirs, orchestras and even samba bands!

We take care of all the administration, including scheduling (timetabling of lessons, rehearsals and clubs), finance (collecting fees and paying teachers) parent communication (regular updates, as well as termly and yearly reports) and more.

In return, schools provide our teachers the space we need and their support and commitment to musical education.

If you are interested in working with Pelican Music to offer instrumental tuition in your school, or if you're looking for help to staff your music department, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

When Pelican Music partnered with my daughter’s primary school she asked to take cello lessons on a bit of a whim. Within weeks she was completely hooked and in the last two years she has continued to make amazing progress. The teachers are excellent and give each child the individual attention they require. Belonging to an ensemble and having the opportunity to play concerts and attend events with other local schools has hugely increased her confidence and motivated her to keep improving. I truly believe Mariana has benefited hugely from her cello lessons and belonging to Pelican. She’s much more confident in herself and she’s incredibly motivated both by Axelle’s lessons and also belonging to the quartet and orchestra.
— Clara Bravo

Schools We Work With