Instrumental tuition in your school, sorted.


Pelican Music is on a mission, to give as many children access to music as we can.

We do this by partnering with primary schools, to provide high quality instrumental tuition and a variety of extra curricular opportunities for students which enrich a school’s creative curriculum.

To date, we’ve taught over 35,000 music lessons to thousands of children in schools across London.

Pelican Music Drummers

Free for Schools

We’re focussed on getting children playing and improving access to music. We see schools as partners to achieve this, not as potential profit.

With limited budgets, schools should be able to spend money where it’s needed most.

Zero Admin

Pelican Music take care of all the scheduling, finances, parent communication, student reports, teacher recruitment, HR, payroll, safeguarding and more.

Schools have enough on their plate as it is, let us take care of the admin.

Creative Curriculum

We offer a wide range of instrumental lessons during and after school, as well as orchestras, chamber music, choirs and class teaching, too.

With Ofsted placing ever more emphasis on “a creative curriculum”, we help schools to invest in increased access to arts education.


Pelican handle all the administration of the music lessons, which is fantastic and takes the burden away from the school office.
— Dave Collins, Head Teacher, Brackenbury Primary School

You’re in good company

We’ve already successfully partnered with schools across London to help them increase access to music.

If you’re interested in providing instrumental tuition in your school, please get in touch

Lessons for your child

If you’re a parent interested in signing your child up for lessons, we might already work with your school.