Pelican Music Days

Being able to play an instrument with other children is one of the great joys of learning an instrument. We encourage ensemble playing right from the very start of learning, and have groups which students can join from the start. 

Our Music Days run 4 to 5 times a term on a Saturday afternoon, culminating with an end of term concert featuring all of our groups.

There are several parts to the 3 hour afternoon including:

Aural sessions

Students start the afternoon with an hour of aural training, featuring sol fa, pulse, and rhythmic training. We feel this is a vital part of any young musicians training, and contributes immeasurably to students musical development.

Junior orchestra

A full orchestra, with strings, woodwind, brass and percussion, open to all students from beginner to Grade 4 on their instrument. We aim to introduce students to ensemble playing from the earliest possible stages, by arranging a wide variety of repertoire specifically for the students attending. By arranging the repertoire ourselves we enable students to experience some of the great orchestral works, that would otherwise not be available to them.

Chamber Orchestra

Our chamber orchestra as made up of our most advanced students playing at a Grade 5 and above standard. Currently a strings orchestra, we are focusing on the baroque and classical era, and often encourage student to perform concertos with the other students forming the orchestra. We aim to encourage the students individual musical ideas by making rehearsals co-operative and collaborative.

Junior Strings

Our junior strings group is a smaller string ensemble, which highlights youngest students and allows them to work closely with slightly older and more advance players up to a Grade 4 standard. It aims to challenge the more advanced children whilst supporting the very beginning stages of learning a string instrument. Students experiment with different dynamic ranges and speeds, and decide how they would like to perform the piece as a group.

Junior Woodwind and Brass

Much like our junior strings, the woodwind and brass work closely with a specialist tutor exploring smaller ensemble playing. With bespoke arrangements, this group caters to all standards.

Small Ensembles

For our most advanced students, we form small ensembles such as quartets and trios in order to set the off on a path of chamber music playing. We have one tutor per 2 ensembles, in order to allow students to work independently as a group as well being guided by a tutor.

If you are interested in joining us for these days, please contact us