There is more to learning and instrument than just taking lessons, some of the best fun can be had making music with other people. We really encourage students and parents to see ensemble playing as an integral part to learning an instrument, which is why we have a group suited to everyone.

One of the core principals we have is helping children explore their own creativity through their instrument. Not only do we have resident composers who write music especially for our students, but they also use the children’s own contributions to create works that they can also play. Each of our ensembles performs every term in our concerts.

Because we feel playing in ensembles enhances instrumental tuition, we offer discounts to students 1:1 instrumental lessons if they are a part of one of our ensembles.

What we offer

Starter Orchestra - Complete Beginner to Grade 1 standard

Encouraging students to play with their friends from lesson no 1. Every week students PLAY a piece specifically written for them and their individual standards together, and also CREATE exciting interactive new music with the workshop leader.
All orchestra instruments welcome.
Saturday 10.30am - 11:15am £8 per session

Intermediate orchestra - Grade 1 to a grade 4 standard

A perfect opportunity for students to explore their instrument in a larger group now they are more confident players. Each work they will PLAY a piece written for them by our composers as well as music arranged for their group. They will also CREATE a work for their orchestra collectively, lead by the orchestra leader.
Saturday 11.30am - 12:15am £8 per session


Our flagship orchestra supports students exploring the more challenging aspects of instrumental playing. Players will be challenged with music written for them, but also classics for youth orchestras. This orchestra is a great bridge towards youth symphony orchestras in the future.
Saturday 1:00pm - 3:00pm £16 per session

woodwind and brass ensemble - Beginner to Grade 5 plus

This ensemble is specifically for woodwind and brass students to play in a large group together. The ensemble leader writes and arranges music for the group, with some input from the group as well as to what they’d like to play!
Wednesday 5:15pm - 6:00pm £8 per session

guitar ensemble - Beginner to Grade 5 plus

We love hearing guitars play together in an ensemble and because they are not an orchestral instrument we’ve created a group just for them. Our Guitar teachers write an arrange music for the students to play together which both challenges the more advanced students and supports the newer ones.
Saturday 11.30am - 12:15am £8 per session

song monkeys - Ks1 children

Created by the ever inspiring Mr Alex, this group is open to all KS1 children regardless of whether they learn a musical instrument. It is designed to get children excited about expressing their musical voice and start creating. Children play musical games, sing songs and create their own pieces to perform.
Saturday 9.30am - 10:15am £8 per session

chamber music - by invitation

Playing chamber music is one of greatest pleasures for any musician. We invite students of similar standards and ages to join quartets, trios and more. If you are interested in become part of a chamber group please get in touch for more details.

You can check out some of our current chamber groups here.

If you are interested in joining any of these ensembles please use the request for here

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