Agnes is a skilled teacher utilising tailored technics to suit each child’s character. My boys enjoy her lessons and have made excellent progress under her watchful care. Agnes works in partnership with them expecting them to practise and come prepared to lessons, whilst she makes it fun and challenging. The Simple strings group is important as it gives the children the opportunity to play together and with others of different ages and standards.
— Amanda
I have been taught by Agnes for the last 3 years and from having never played the violin before I am about to take my grade 5. En route I have learnt lots, performed individually, in groups and played with adult groups too. We have laughed and cried together and she`s pushed me to my limit but all the work has paid off.
— Benjamin (age 10)
Agnes has taught Kenza for over a year now who goes from strength to strength under Agnes’ careful guidance. Kenza admires and looks up to her not only as a teacher but a role model. Strict and just, an excellent teacher!
— Nadja