Andrew Boushell

Andrew began music lessons after joining the local church choir at 7, starting with Dr. Anne Leahy. Shortly after this, he started at the D.I.T Conservatory of Music and drama in Dublin, where he received piano lessons from Siobhan Kilkelly and Jennifer Sinnamon. During his time at the Conservatory; he also received tuition in theory from many of Ireland’s leading musicians. As a teenager, Andrew’s interests lay primarily in contemporary music styles. This culminated in playing in many bands and teaching guitar in a school of music by age 16. After completing 2nd level education, Andrew enrolled on the Bachelor of Music course at the Dublin Conservatory of Music and Drama initially specialising in guitar with renowned Irish guitarist; John Feeley. During his time as an undergraduate, Andrew developed a great interest in music history and harmony. He put these interests to good use, as a harmony tutor and also writing his thesis on the effect of jazz on 20th Century opera.  Since completing his B.Mus, Andrew has taught extensively for many schools in Ireland and the U.K, teaching piano, guitar, voice and theory. He also holds postgraduate qualifications from The Royal College of Music and Operastudio Vlaanderen, Belgium.


Where did you study?

I studied at the D.I.T Conservatory of Music and Drama, Dublin. Ireland, Royal College of Music, London and Operastudio Vlaanderen, Belgium

What was your first instrument?

My first instrument is Voice (Tenor)

What age did you start?

I started at 7

Do you play any other instruments?

I also play piano, guitar and bass guitar

Whats is your favorite piece?

My favourite piece: Too many to try and choose from so here's 3! Ravel's: Pavane pour une infante défunte, The Rake's Progress by Stravinsky and 'I loves you Porgy' by Gershwin. If I can only pick one it's Gershwin!